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Innovative Community Participation

Providing support to individuals to participate in mainstream activities.

At First & Great Support Services we believe, Innovative community participation can lead to improved wellbeing outcomes for our clients with a disability and their carers (in relation to health, employment, education, income, and life satisfaction outcomes).

We connect participants with many innovative programs to help them get involved in their community. These programs are designed to help participants make new friends, develop new hobbies, have fun, all while developing independence and social skills. 

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Why is innovative community participation important?


Participating in the community improves well-being as you are able to feel connected to people and the community. Improved well-being also affects different aspects of life including education, employment, health, and satisfaction, and your well-being is our priority. The community also benefits from your involvement as it means that Salt can continue to run our community participation programs and help more people like you.

What are some examples of how innovative community participation can help you?  

  • Meet your basic needs through our food relief programs to increase your capacity

  • Learn new skills or build on your existing skills to give you more independence in your life

  • Socialize and make connections, create a network of friends and 

  • Network and find out about new opportunities and supports that you can be involved in

  • Increase your independence and ability to live on your own and look after yourself 


What does innovative community participation look like?


First & Great Support Services offers the following support:

  • Cooking classes where you can learn new skills, techniques and recipes. You can access this community participation program through your NDIS funding

  • Food relief community dinners and food distribution that are free to attend and are for those who don’t have food on the table 


Some of our innovative community participation consists of: 

  • Microbusiness assistance and support.

  • Travel training.

  • Finding and keeping a job group training workshops.

  • Sports matches - Tennis, rugby, soccer, AFL

  • Interactive sessions

  • Our role is to make every member of our group feel like the people whom they are meeting are on “their level. This way they can develop new social groups and try to make themselves feel normal and an equal member of the society.

First & Great Support Services Believes these activites:

  • Can lead to improved wellbeing outcomes for people with disability and their carers (in relation to health, employment, education, income and life satisfaction outcomes).

  • Can lessen longer-term care and support costs for people with disability and it may prevent people who have modest disability care and support needs from needing more costly levels of care and support.

To get involved with these programs, let your support coordinator, support worker or First & Great Support Services office know on  0410 813 636.

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