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First & Great Support Services is a registered NDIS provider in Victoria. Our disability support services are accessible across West Melbourne, Wyndham, and Geelong region.

We have a strong vision to provide the right services and supports so that our company has the ability to empower our clients and be a positive influence on their lives.

We are committed to delivering the highest quality care by ensuring our staff are trained and reliable and that we provide excellent customer service at all levels of the organization.

We partner with you, ensuring you can choose how we support you according to your unique needs. We are a company that aims to enable and support people living with a disability to allow them to lead independent, quality lives and reach their full potential.  Our company runs 24hrs 7days a week, you are able to select any and all of the care and support services we provide and  we are able to provide our services for as much or as little as you need throughout these hours.

We recognize that the continual development and refinement of our processes and procedures is paramount to our continued success and the achievement of our goals. Due to this we are a company who strive ourselves on our performance culture. We aim to build a culture of performance and improving the effectiveness and efficiency of services and systems through ongoing training and support for our staff and our customers.

Our Goals and Objectives:

First & Great Support Services strongly believe that the “One size fits all” belief does not work when it comes to providing care and support. Due to this we have high standards when it comes to providing you with the care and support you require at every stage of your life. We strongly believe that you deserve to enjoy life to its fullest no matter your situation or circumstances. Whilst our company strives to encourage independence in the lives of every client we understand that the journey to achieve this starts with a simple helping hand and that is what our company endeavors to provide to each client, whilst respecting your unique needs by ensuring we partner with you as you choose the support we provide for you.

Our company has strict values that are at the core of all services that are provided to our clients. These values have been what our company was built on and are relayed to every employee to ensure that you can trust the integrity of each member in our team who you may interact with knowing that they are trustworthy, reliable and will be respectful when providing any form of service for you. Our values also ensure that our services is always friendly, attentive, personalised and supports connecting people, communities and families.

First & Great Support Services provides first-class service to ensure we meet the unique needs of every client. We pride ourselves in having nursing experience.

The aim of First & Great Support Services is to run a service that provides a 24 hour and 365 days service, providing personal care and support including complex care for the whole population.

Our values and core beliefs include:

  • Dignity and respect

  • Learning and reflection (Thinking about what to do, and why we do things in a specific way)

  • Maintaining professional boundaries

  • Commitment to quality care and support

  • Working together

  • Passion

  • Integrity

  • Customised care

  • We always put our clients first 

  • We are proud of our excellent services 

  • We always strive to be the best by working in partnership with clients 

  • We act with integrity and we always deliver our promises

  • We always respect others

To ensure we uphold our values and are able to achieve the best possible care for every client, First & Great Support Services aim to focus on how we are able to contribute to the following priorities:

  • Value every individual, their strengths, culture and belief system

  • Ensure that the quality of the services we provide are upheld through the compliance of quality frameworks and a consistent commitment to the best practice methods

  • Work with others to create environments and communities that are welcoming and inclusive to people of all abilities

  • To continually provide a sustainable service through our brand identity, leadership excellence, quality processes and strong financial management.

Our Mission

“To provide a first-class service that is able to meet the requirements of all of our clients. We aim to provide excellent care through courage, compassion, commitment, communication, and the competence to help those who are in need. We also recognize and reward the extraordinary efforts and skills of our staff”.

Our Aims

  • To empower our clients to help promote independence.

  • To encourage equal opportunities. 

  • To ensure we are continuously seeking new ways to improve our service. 

  • To provide a client centred approach through first class care.

  • To protect all of our clients and staff members from abuse and hazards.

  • To deliver the best care that is in accordance with the client’s personalised care plan. 

  • To ensure that all of our staff understand the extreme importance and limits of confidentiality.

  • To ensure that there is a high level of respect through our client’s diversity and culture be recognized and understood. 

  • To ensure all feedback is responded to appropriately.

About Us - First & Great Support Service

What we believe


Kindness and Compassion

To provide the best quality of care at all times by acting with kindness and compassion


Highest Quality of Care

At all times to ensure the anticipation and response to our clients changing needs with the highest standard of care


That Something Extra

To aim to continually be improving our clients lives through diligence and mindfulness of our clients changing health and care requirements at all times and to ensure we go that extra step where possible



At all times to treat each client as an individual and with the highest of respect and to look after them as their needs require


Reliability and Punctuality

To make the caring experience a warm and genuine one by ensuring we adhere to the client’s schedule


Embrace Cultural Differences

At all times to be respectful of race and ethnicity, embrace cultural differences, dress appropriately and be respectful of the client’s surroundings and home.

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